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Produce 350 KN thrust


LEO M1 is fully 3D printed launch vehicle, two stage rocket designed by SPACIM. LEO M1 will launch small satellites from 100 kg to 800 kg into Low Earth Orbit at altitudes ranging from 100 km to 2000 km. LEO M1 has a straightforward system design and will be built for our customers within two months of time frame.





Payload to LEO

Lift-Off Thrust

1.5 m

25 m

100 kg to 800 kg

350 KN

The first stage is propelled by seven Rudram engines that use green propellants. First stage, produce 350 KN of thrust at sea level.

The interstage has a pneumatic system that separates the first and second stages during flight.

One vacuum-modified RUDRAM M-1 is used in the second stage. Second stage supports putting the payload in the desired orbit.

Our specially designed payload compartment is an adjustable one that can accommodate various payload geometries. The basic dimensions of our payload compartment are 1.3 metres in diameter and 3 metres in height.


Developing the single piece liquid rocket engine with a more straightforward design and cutting-edge materials.

RUDRAM is a particular kind of liquid rocket engine that aims to be highly powerful and reusable.

Composite materials are used often in the aerospace sectors nowadays. To increase the thermal stability of the wall of engine components and to achieve the reusability of the engine, we are developing the simplified design of the liquid engine and also researching the advanced materials for the wall of the combustion chamber and nozzle of the engine. A mathematical model is being developed.

The most important and foundational initiative for Spacim is Project – RUDRAM.

Co-Axial Swirl Injectors

A fully 3D-printed internal mixing coaxial swirl injector made of Inconel alloy.

  • Co-Axial Swirl Injector – Internal Mixing
  • Single Piece Injector Assembly
  • No Support Structures
  • 200 nm Size of Droplets
  • 99.9% Mixing Efficiency