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Spacim (OPC) Private Limited

Spacim (OPC) Private Limited is the second company in the Spacim family. We provide internships and training courses in the field of space technology. We enable students to fully understand cutting-edge technology and rocket science through the work we perform here. 


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Our STEM Based Training

Derivative Solving

Students derive design derivations for all engine components based on functionality, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and gas characteristics.

Engineering Requirements

We teach what the actual needs of rocket engineering are in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Design Thinking

Students unleash their creative thought process for 3D modelling based on their derivational concept.

Engineering Design

Students learn engineering design by applying a manufacturing method and a 3D modeling approach.

Design Calculation

Students will apply FEA-based mathematical calculations to define the feasible geometry of the engine.

Industry Project

Students will be assigned to missions and will create their own engines depending on the requirements.


Rocket Propulsion Technology

On-site Internship and Learning Program

A complete guide for designing liquid and solid rocket engines and staging rockets using mathematics by understanding physics and engineering.

Introduction to Liquid Rocket Engine – Propellant Choice – Feed System – Cooling Techniques – Thermal Expansion – Gas Flow in Thrust Chamber and Nozzles

Ejecting Velocity – Nozzle Shape Design – Nozzle Expansion Area Ratio – Combustion Chamber Design – Injector Design – Pressure Feed System – Turbo Pump Feed System

Criterion for Choice of Chemical Propellants – Choice of Fuel and Oxidiser Rich Propellants – Performance Prediction Analysis – Low Energy Liquid Propellants – Hybrid Propellants

Introduction to Solid Propellants – Design Aspects of Solid Rocket – Burning Surface Area – Ignition of Solid Propellant

Open Rocket – Model Rocket Calculation – Nose Cone Design – Rocket Staging – Mission Planning – Performance Prediction

3D Modelling Tools – Design Requirements – NASA’s CEARUN – Design Calculations – 3D Modelling – Ansys Fluent Simulation – Numerical Analysis for Engine Tube and Injectors


This internship was really Informative. Enjoyed all the sessions by Vignesh sir. I had many doubts about how the rocket engine was actually designed, but this internship cleared all of those doubts. Thank you very much for this program.

Shreyas Satish Dhumal

Really really informative and interactive. One thing that definitely did make it different was how the sir, Mr. Maha Vignesh made it so easy for us to understand and learn from the course.

Arjun Sharma

I learn a lot from this Internship about the liquid rocket engine schematics, thrust, thermal expansion, Nozzle, Injector, feed system, design calculations, CAD, NASA CAERUN and successfully created a Bell Nozzle Design using SOLIDWORKS. Our sir cleared one an all doubt arises throughout the Internship. Specially I like to thank Mr. Maha Vignesh for conducting this Internship. Overall internship was a great experience of learning for me.

Harish Dnyaneshwar Kakde

I really had a great experience learning from Maha Vignesh sir; the calmness and patience he held while teaching us were the X factors, and I learned many things from him. He is a very easy-going person and really a great teacher any student will want to learn from; in fact, it would be a pleasure to learn more from him. thanks a lot !!!😊

Nishita Vora

Even though duration of internship is short, They explained almost all topics within that short period, good thing is they gave recorded classes which helped working individuals like me , overall expectations are met.

Karthik R

It was a wonderful experience. Sir taught us the concepts very well in a concise manner. It helped me gain a lot of knowledge. I hope to attend more internships at Spacim soon.

Niveditha Dinesh

It was very good internship. And the most part I found amazing is welcoming behaviour of MAHA sir, it feels like we should continue to learn from him because he is a good tutor. On the other hand it was informative and inspirative internship.

Bhargav Jani

It was very amazing, very useful, the was things were taught made it easy to understand.

Divyanshi Tripathi

Team of Spacim (OPC) Private Limited

Maha Vignesh N (CEO)

B.Tech., Nanoscience and Technology, 3.5 years in Design Engineering and 2.5 years in Aerospace Engineering Project Directing, Design Conceptualizing and mentoring.

Nancy D Dhanya (COO)

Bachelors in English Literature, 1 year experience in Airlines and 2.5 years experience in Business Strategy.

Ashok M (CHRO)

Bachelors in Physics, 2.5 years experience in Business Management and 2.5 Year of experience in Human Resource Management.