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Spacim Aerospace Private Limited is an aerospace startup that is part of the Spacim family. This futuristic startup is created to launch small satellites simply and quickly at a low cost. We provide space travel just for $1000 to $5000 per kilogram.

Great Attention To Detail

We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Space Sector Through additive manufacturing technology.

We are spending significant sums of money for just 30 to 40 minutes of the mission. Due to the launch vehicle’s robust mechanical system, large number of parts, and weight, a large lot of money has been invested in it. But by using additive manufacturing, we will be able to reduce the number of parts, build more complicated structures, and—most importantly—cut the overall weight of the launch vehicle by 60%. Our subsystem designs are extremely straightforward and our semi-cryogenic engine (RUDRAM M-1) effective at producing 50 KN thrust at sea level.

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Why should we bring innovation to the space sector?

Governments all over the world invest a lot of money in the space sector, as everyone knows. Our Indian government made INR 9500 crore investment into aerospace sector in the year 2022. In recent research conducted by Harry W. Jones at NASA Ames Research Center in California, the technical causes of high space sector spending have been identified as the need for maximum performance and minimum weight, high cost of expendables, human spaceflight, new technology, hardware and software, low tolerance for failure and therefore intense design effort, high system complexity, part counts and number of interfaces.

Can we come up with a solution?   

As an example, let’s use the first cause, bigger thrust is required for maximum performance. High thrust is achieved by using large propellers and huge rockets, which results in the rocket system being very heavy. According to classical mechanics, increasing the strength of material will increase its weight, as we can see in the example. However, the thrust to weight ratio is successfully increased by additive manufacturing technology with rocket engines that have a simplified effective design. Our unique single-piece semi-cryogenic engine, powered by a CH4/LOX engine and capable of 50KN thrust at sea level, will be manufactured utilizing additive manufacturing technology.


Founder and CEO - Spacim
Chief Aerospace Engineer
Author of "I am Rich Beggar"
Startup Mentor and Educator

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Mr. N. Maha Vignesh, founder and Director of Spacim (OPC) Private Limited. He has a degree in nanoscience and technology. worked as a design engineer on the development of automobile turbochargers. He wrote the books “Enter to Preneur” and “I am Rich Beggar”. He comes from a very modest family. His mother is somewhat of a business enthusiast, and his father is a daily wage worker. The most important lesson and source of his success comes from his mother’s lifestyle and her failures.

He currently oversees two successful and creative enterprises. An expanding aerospace company is Spacim Aerospace Private Limited. Under Maha’s direction, they are now developing their distinctive semi-cryogenic rocket engine. As a result of his interest in space travel, he teaches a lot of engineering students, Ph.D. scholars, and working professionals about the development of rockets. According to his students, He is incredibly nice and committed to mentoring and helping individuals develop. 

He arrived with his fantastic design of design of success based on his knowledge and life experiences. “Enter to Preneur,” his debut book. He is a self-published author who spent no money on the publication of his book. One of his greatest works of art is the book he wrote. This book is about turning a passion into a successful business. Most people desire to work and pursue their areas of interest in order to finance their lifestyles. However, they are pretending to live a regular life due to a lack of understanding and risk aversion. Some people are unable to identify their passion or their life’s purpose. This book will aid readers in discovering their interests and expanding their knowledge and convert passion to the business.


Dr. R. R. Elangovan

Prof R. R. Elangovan Bsc., D.M.I.T., M.Tech.,

Ex colleague of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam with 42 years of experience including 8 years of international experience in Aerospace Research & Development (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, ISRO), Marketing and Implementation of Satellite. Communication Projects and Marketing in Middle East and African Countries.

17 years of academic experience in teaching and established Aeronautical Engineering Department at three Countries.