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People claim that space flight is costly and challenging. However, in this day and age, we are here to demonstrate that space travel is just as simple, quick and affordable.

What we Do




Researching and developing simple and customizable designs for subsystems, propulsion technology, and launch vehicle structure.


Design & Fabrication

We develop our own designs and use cutting-edge fabrication techniques to construct launch vehicles that are affordable and readily available for our customers.


Internships & Trainings

We allow students to learn from what we are doing.

Most Recent


Developing the semi cryogenic rocket engine with a more straightforward design and cutting-edge materials.

Building a 3D-printed small satellite launch vehicle with a payload capacity of 50 to 800 kg for LEO launch.

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Education - Internships and Trainings

We provide internships and training courses in rocket science, rocket mathematics, and math-based 3D modelling. We enable students to fully understand cutting-edge technology and rocket science through the work we perform here.